Off The Floor Review – Is by David Dellanave a Scam?

There are many kinds of Off The Floor Review which is a product presented by David Dellanave you’ve seen before, but you need a page that really shows This is a Scam or Legit?. Read our explanation how it’s Product give you many benefit information as good as you need.

Off The Floor Review

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Off The Floor is another amazing deadlift manual created by Dave Dellanave. He used to be a skinny computer nerd form Minnesota until he discovered a secret that skyrocketed his muscle gain.

This secret has allowed him to take his deadlift from 245 pounds to 605 pounds, and become a world record holder in his weight class for the deadlift. A secret that he is willing to share with us in his deadlift manual: Off The Floor.

David Dellanave has written the most comprehensive book on pulling that you could imagine. If you are looking for more options for pulling a bar off of the floor rather than the traditional ways look no more. Every possible deadlift variation is covered here in this well-written and easy-to-understand book. Expertly written by a real deadlift specialist, Off The Floor has something to teach everyone from beginners to the most seasoned competitor.

Done correctly, the deadlift strengthens the following muscles:

Spinal Erectors
Lower Back
Middle and Upper Trapezius
Abdominals and Obliques (single limb deads)

Pros :

A ton of information that was very well researched.
Very well designed and layed out.
Easy to read. I got through all 90 pages in about 35 minutes.
You will get pumped to workout.
Incredible customer service. A few edits needed to be made post publish, and Dellanave jumped right on it and made it known we had a new copy to download.
Very detailed explanations as to how to set up each lift.
Information on load, volume and frequency that is easily digested regardless of experience.
You get a sample week of training.
If you’re a strength coach or an avid exerciser, this book needs to be in your tool box.
You get the book, supplement guide, deadlift gear guide, exercise library, biofeedback training course and 60 minutes of audio of a conversation between Dellanave and Bret Contreras.

Conclusion :

In Off The Floor, David Dellanave presents a comprehensive look at developing deadlift strength beyond the normal scope of the 1RM. Many strength coaches and lifters argue that the deadlift is the ultimate test of strength and in the book, David sets out to help you dominate this test in all of its variations (different stances, bars, start heights, rep ranges). This books has tons of great info on all aspects of training for a big pull, from technique to exercise selection, programming to mindset. Definitely check out Off The Floor if you are looking to improve your deadlift as a powerlifter, strongman, athlete, or just someone who wants to dominate the ultimate test of strength.

Name of The Author : David Dellanave
Official Site :
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