Hockey Training Review – Is by Conor Doherty a Scam?

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Hockey Training Review

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The answer is to add jump training to your hockey exercises. Now, it’s significant that you perform your jump training at a specific time in your hockey exercises, or else you won’t be receiving as much “bang for your buck” out of your labors. If you do your sets of jumps after your main and core lifts, your legs will be gassed and you won’t be adding explosiveness to your athleticism. You’ll be performing your jumps in a slower nature and you won’t be preparing your body as well for when you need it most.

The best time to add jumps to your hockey exercises is right after your foam rolling and dynamic warmups. The reason for this is because after a warmup, most players aren’t always properly ready to step right up to the squat rack or bend down to the bar to rip off some heavy deadlifts. The set of jumps acts as a little continuation from your warmup and you’re also getting the added benefit of exciting the nervous system and receiving it more prepared for a primary lift like the squat or deadlift. In fact, you might even be more prepared to get into the heavier strength training exercises in your upcoming workout.

This is a quite easy jump to whole and get the hang of. Simply find a plyo box, platform, or even a tire that’s between 12″ and 24″, depending on your knowledge and current athleticism, and perform 3 sets of 5 jumps.

This is huge for hockey players, since adding single leg workouts is crucial to developing game-changing speed. Again, you be able to use your possess bodyweight or hold a set of dumbbells to your side. Get down into a forward lunge position with the back knee on the ground and jump straight up using the front leg. While in mid-air, switch legs so that the back leg becomes the front leg and land into the starting position. Repeat each leg 3 sets or 5 reps.

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